Friday, June 1, 2012

Update Ear Acupressure/Acupuncture Diet

In looking up ad reading more about it I've discovered in English it's also referred to as acupuncture despite the lack of needles.  It's been 3 full days since I started this,  now the morning of the 4th day.  Here's a bit of a rundown on what I've experienced.    Day 1 I think was more of a placebo effect more than anything else.  I was very aware that I had these things on my ears and so it made me try harder.  While I managed to avoid snacking and bingeing on sweets I was ravenously hungry by dinner time and ended up eating dinner like I normally would,  but considering I didn't snack all day that that's not a terrible thing. 
Day 2 - This day I was less hungry, and more than fighting cravings I was fighting habit.  I wasn't hungry, didn't really want sweets, but still had to fight the habit.    It should also be noted that on this day I started to get a weird twingy cramp link pain in my stomach and chest on occasion.  The kind of pain where you're not sure if you're hungry or sick.
Day 3 - The odd crampy pain continued all throughout the day as well.  However, this was the first day I wasn't consumed with thoughts of eating and whether or not I was actually hungry. This was a really big thing because in the last 7 months 3 days is the longest I've made it without caving and bingeing.  It was also signifigant because I had to bake a carrot cake for a potluck prechool moms social gathering that will be taking place in just a couple of hours.  I made a smaller cake for us to have and I didn't go crazy making extra frosting just so I could lick the bowl or anything.  That right there is a huge step for me ;)  For dinner I did spaghetti and managed to have one normal sized plate (rather than the two that spaghetti usually ends up being) and a small piece of cake.   

As far as the odd pain I've expereinced I'm not sure if its realted to this of not.  I've got a cold; an awful stuffed nose, achy ear, sore throat kind of cold.  And since Keia is nearly weaned and is now just a night time nurser I took the sudafed for the first time in 5 years, maybe it didn't agree with me after such a long break?   I can think of maybe one other possibility too.  In looking at the chart they gave me as the spa it looks like the two beads inside my ear were placed in the wrong spot,  so I googled some and every english chart I found said the same thing :/  I also came  across some info that said that having them placed in the wrong place or pressed in too deep can cause side effects, including sharp pains throughout the body.  My pains weren't sharp, but it certainly makes me a little more inclined to believe in the effects.  Anyhow I took the all beads off for a few hours and the restuck them in what appear to be the correct places. They say you're not supposed to reuse the old ones but, I don't have new ones yet, and these are still sticky and not itchy. 

I plan to leave them on for at least today as today it that potluck social gathering lunch,  really like going to a free all you can eat buffet, so I'm gonna need all the willpower I can get. But so far it seems like something that might work for me, so I'll keep it up and update periodically on it.  BTW as of my morning weigh in yesterday I was down 1 lb not bad for 2 days :)

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