Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bad to Worse

There's a saying in my buddhist organization 'winter will always turn to spring.' Meaning that no matter how bad stuff gets and how long it seems to go on things will get better eventually.  But you know, I've always despised winter.

Forgive me  if this gets, depressing, or ranty, or rambly it's really all I've got to de-stress at the moment.  I don't smoke,  and Keia's still nursing so drinking is out,  and comfort eating...yeah  that would be a good way to flush that money I spent on the ear beads down the drain. 

I've known finances were tight around here for a while, I knew not to expect Kiyo to have any over time again this month;  what I didn't expect was when he told me today that I should probably not expect any for a year.  But, he'S totally cool with that he likes coming home at 6 and having dinner, I would like it too if we didn't depend on his overtime to make ends meet.

So tomorrow it looks I'll be heading to Hello Work, which is a government run work referral center.  The thing is with my language ability, and trying to work around Yosei's preschool schedule I honestly don't believe  I'm going to find anything.  There's also the matter of Keia and daycare.  I really wanted to avoid putting her into daycare,  wanted to wait to start working until she at least started preschool.  Most places won't hire you unless you've got a daycare all lined up,  most private daycares are incredibly expensive, and all the state run daycares (which charge on a sliding scale) typically have waiting lists .

Seems at this point my most viable option is a work at home, putting together trinkets, decorating crap in rhinestones get paid by the piece sort of job.  The apparently have those at Hello Work so here's to hoping they have one or two for me.  It'll kinda be like working in my own little in home sweat shop.  I've ready that lately painting and decorating fake nails for companies has become quite popular, the pay is quite low at around ¥60 for a 10 nail set,  but something like that would be right up my alley (though I'd have to make like 100 sets a week to see any benefit). 

Anyhow wish me luck, and I'll be sure to do a write up on the whole Hello Work experience incase any other gaijin (foreigners) happen to find themselves in a similar position.

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