Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rediscovering My Inner Geek

I had really hope to have some wonderful good information gleaned from my trip to Hello Work on Monday to write about.  Yeah... that didn't happen at all.   I waled into the office and asked the lady at the front desk what I needed to do since it was my first visit there.  She handed me a for and told me to fill out my name, b-day, address, and any relevant info about the type of wor k I was looking for.  I do all that (while juggling Keia), making sure to not that I'm looking for home work opportunities and bring it back up to her a few minutes later.  Its then that I'm informed (despite everything I've read, and what I'd been told by other people) that they don't match people upwith home work opportunities,  to get those you've just gotta have connections.  So that was it, my visit was done before I even got a chance to register.

After this I went home and started looking for some advice on some forums for foreigners in Japan.  I got some really good advice, including suggesting I start doing mommy and me English classes out of my home.  This seems to be the best line of action so I'm currently trying to come up with a plan.  Not just  lesson plans mind you  but business plan as well, prices, class times, payment methods, and promotion.  It's all quite overwhelming.

So what have I been doing to keep myself sane between all this overwhelming stuff, thehouse keeping, and the kids fighting?  Exactly what the title of this post says,  I've started playing videos games again, RPGs specifically; even more specifically the Suikoden series.  At the moment I'm playing Suikoden 5, in Japanese, I picked it up used at the local Book Off for ¥500.  Thing is I've never played the English version, so the reading and trying to understand the story is taking me I'm sure at least twice as long as it would in English.   After I'm done with this one I'll be moving on the the Japanese version of the1st one, really old PS 1 from 1995 I think.  I've played the English version trhough more times than I can count but I finally tracked down a Japanese copy of it used for ¥1000 (it seems to be pretty hard to find).  Don't know why but there's something so fun about playing the original versions, with the original meanings and all, no translation mistakes or anything like that.  Like I said inner geek :) 

Also update on the ear acupuncture while I've not lost a lot of weight as of yet, my appetite is much more under control.  The potluck lunch on Saturday I was pretty worried about, but it turns out I didn't need to be,  I actually found myself  physically unable to eat what I normally would have.  Though I admit today all the stress got to me and a ate a bit more than I should have, but it still wasn't a full on binge.  So if I get these English lessons going and start to get a little bit of money coming in I'll be getting me some more ear beads.  Word of cautions though really be careful not to press to hard.  I didn't realize it but apparently I was because not I've got little bead sized scabs on my ears. 

And now to get a little bit of geeking out in before bedtime :) 


  1. Was this at your local Hello Work? I go to Hello Work for foreigners in Shinjuku and they have been helping me a lot identifying job offers for me.

    1. Yes it was at my local one, it'S not that they can't help me find work as a foreigner but rather that they can't help me find any 'work at home' type jobs butting together trinkets and such. With two little ones at home that's really what I need. But right now I'm working on figurine/doll making as an at home job :) Hopefully I'll be able to set up an etsy shop or something soon :D

  2. I've been teaching English at home for 20 plus years. Started off with just a few neighbours and kind of took off. I did it while my kids were babies and even breast fed during lessons. If you would like any advice drop me an email