Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Mimi-Tsubo (Ear Accupressure) Diet

Today is Yosei's marching band club day, with that extra hour of free time its hard to know exactly what to do.  Today though, I had already decided. 
See those little gold balls stuck on my ear?  Yup that's what I went and did today.  They're little accupressure balls with adhesive tape that you stick on your ears.  They're apparently supposed to work as an appetite suppressant when you press on them about 20 minutes before you eat.  Sounds pretty hokey I know.  But one of my preschool mom friends went and did it last week and said they seemed to work for her.  So I went to the same place she did, a little relaxation spa inside a Seiyu supermarket near here, they're doing a special one ear for ¥1050 (roughly $10).  I had some one thatI earned doing online surverys over the past couple of months so I figured I'd give it a shot.

It seems like a silly thing to do with the money problems we're having I know, but I figure with the amount I've been eating lately I can save a whole heck of a lot more than ¥1050 if I can just control myself. 

After Keia was born I spent a whole year working hard and I lost a lot of weight, around 55 lbs.  But once I put Yosei in preschool the rhythm of my days changed completely and for some reason I completely lost control.  And even now no matter how hard I try I manage to do well for 1 or 2 days before losing it and giving into that junk food binge (one of which can cost more than these here ear stickers. 

These only last for 3-4 days,  apparently leaving them on any longer can lead to a rash, so you're supposed to change them out.  The gave me a little sheet that has a diagram with all the pressure points on the ear, and I found that I can get a sheet of 100 balls on amazon for ¥2000.  So I won't be going back to the spa anytime soon (kind of sad about that, the ten minute ear and head massage was pretty flipping awesome), but if it seems to work,  I guess I can work my butt off on some more surveys and buy me a sheet of balls on amazon :) 

Oh also found out there's a pressure point at the top of the ear thats supposed to help with irritability.  They gave me two spare balls incase the ones they put on come off, but maybe I should stick them up there.  I bet Kiyo and the kids would be a lot happier if I did ;)

I'll update on this in a couple of days and let you all know how it goes.


  1. so curious if this works for you! I need to figure something out myself. When you mentioned the rhythym of your days changing, I thought... THAT'S ME!! I was doing fine (well weight wise) working overnights... the lack of sleep was wearing me down. When I took a day job everything went down the toilet. I don't feel like I have time for anything and always resort to the convenient junky food. :( But I do get more than 4 hours of sleep on a nightly basis now.... not sure it's worth it though! lol

    1. So far so good :) The girl that introduced me to it has just started herself, but the girl that told her about it has apparently had great success with it, so I'm hopeful :)

  2. Good luck maybe they will have a placebo effect if nothing else. Don't beat yourself up you a real woman with real problems and we all fluctuate in size. Although I do sympathize they make them small where you live. But if you could stand next to Devon it would make you feel tiny :)

    1. Oh he totally made me feel tiny on New Years no doubt about that ;) I think more than the size flucuation though I'm beating myself up over all the money wasted on cream puff binges :/ Here's to hoping it helps with my budget ;)