Monday, May 28, 2012

Back from the dead

  I wish I could say I've abandoned this blog because I've been too busy to work on it.  I have been busy but really I've just been lazy about writing. 

Spring marks the beginning of the new school year out here and preschool is no different.  Yosei has moved up to the second grade of preschool, the name of his class is tanpopo (Japanese for dandelion).  He absolutely loves his new class and his new teacher; which is a huge relief because the last 2 months of his first grade class he was not looking forward to it so much and was saying he didn't like his teacher so much.  His new teacher is Moe Sensei (pronounced like Mo-ay not like Moe from Moe's Tavern).  They've been going on field trips to the zoo and local tulip festival.  But biggest of all marching band club started three weeks ago.  Marching band is for the 2nd and 3rd years only and practice takes place on Wednesday afternoons.  The 1st year kids head home at 11:30 and the marching band kiddos stay at school until 3:30; that's a whole hour longer than every other day of the week.   Yosei is a drummer, and he absolutely loves it :)

Sadly (or not)  I only get to make bento once a week (on marching band day) this year.  They've decided to switch to school lunches 4 times a week.  And, while it is incredibly convenient and I get to sleep a little later, it's so incredibly expensive; ¥320 (about $3.20) per lunch.  The financial aspect of preschool is becoming quite daunting, and Kiyo has started talking about having Yosei quit preschool.  To me this is not really an option because he's thriving there.

I recently had a conference with the daughter of the principal, and current 3rd year teacher, about Yosei's language.  We discussed setting aside home time for Japanese word study time because his knowledge of the names of objects is severely lacking.  And while he's made incredible progress  in the first 6 months we're really going to have to work hard the next 2 years to get him up to speed.  Because, unfortunately, as it stands he won't be able to enter into a regular elementary school but would have to be bussed to a special school for handicapped children. She said that she feels Yosei is very smart and picks things up very quickly and so if we do a little bit every day, both at school and at home, and make it fun he should be speaking normally within the next couple of years. 

Right there is really all the reason I need to say 'absolutely not' to quitting preschool.  Of course then yesterday I find out that Kiyo's month of no overtime will likely turn into 2 months of no over time. The fact that he was working overtime everyday is the reason we were able to make ends meet all this time.  So now I'm at a total loss as to what to do.    Trying to think of ways to comtribute I've recently started learning (on my own) how to do manicures, and gel nails.  Problem with that is my only 'customers' at this point are friends.  I used to think my hairdresser friend was silly for refusing to take money from her friends, but now I totally get how awkward it feels to charge your friends.  As it stands other than my own nails and lil' Keia's  nails I've only done one other person's so far, and I did it for free for my own practice.  It's s seeming less and less viable as an option of income :/  So I guess in the meantime there is going to be a ton of mean planning and budget cutting until we get overtime back or this manicurist thing begins to take off.  

After the preschool entrance ceremony
At the entrance ceremony

My first attempt at a self gel manicure , glue gingham with 3D lace
 and strawberries
pink glitter gel with 3D flower stickers and stones

My first hard gel extension attempt

Some practice nails

My first non-self manicure

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