Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nothing Special

There haven't been any super special occasions to write about this week.
Our next big event is the yochien's performance day on Dec. 23rd.  I found out this week that Yosei is going to be a cat in the play his class is putting on, though I don't know what play they're putting on.
Other than that this week I received some really adorable clothes and toys for Keia from one of my new yochien mom friends,  got invited to a Christmas party at one of Yosei's classmate's house  (I'm bringin' the Christmas cookies!). Went to my twice a week buddhist prayer meetings (I'm not a very good buddhist but I'm trying).  And, I made Yosei some new leg warmers  following some DIY tutorials I googled.
Oh the leg warmers...  The whole reason for these really is simple, the kids wear their shorts or skirts even in the winter and while the girls have it easy and can wear tights the boys can't because of the way their uniforms are made.  If they did wear tights they wouldn't be able to use the toilet or would have to take off nearly all of their clothes to do it, not ideal in a potty emergency situation.  So either the little boys pull their socks up as high as they go and deal with the cold legs (which I think they all do) or in my case you go with leg warmers. Yosei was not willing to brave the cold, he practically had to be dragged outside to play the other day.  The only problem with the leg warmer approach was color.  Yosei's got an awesome pair of jolly roger print Baby Legs  but (and this is a big one) at this yochien all socks, tights, etc. MUST be white.  I've searched probably 10 stores and the internet before finally coming to the conclusion that children's white leg warmers are incredibly rare and ridiculously expensive.  This is where my brilliant thinking and google skills came into play and I found out how to make some leg warmers out of knee high socks. 
Anyhow, yesterday my legwarmers were not yet complete, and  I've been putting his awesome baby legs on him to keep warm during the bike ride.  When I dropped him off at preschool I was going to take them off of him but one of the teachers said that as long as it was only for one day it would be alright if he wore them at school, and she said she would let the principal know what was up too.  Woohoo! cold legs crisis averted till I could finish the white warmers.
I finally finished them last night around 1 a.m.,  I don't have a sewing machine nor do I know how to use one so I did all the sewing by hand :P  They turned out pretty awesome I must say.  Yosei liked them too.  So we went to school new leg warmers and all, and I was feeling pretty darn please with my handywork.  We were in the classroom and I was helping Yosei change and suddenly it became one of those moments.  You know those moments where just the tiniest thing can ruin the mood for the rest of the day cuz you keep playing it out over and over going 'WTF?' and also wishing you had not been so totally caught off guard that you had had a better response?  Yeah those....   So Yosei was getting changed and the principal sternly warns me ' You need to remember that the children are only allowed to wear white socks,  they can have little designs on the but the need to be white.'  Of course at this moment I'm thinking what happened to the teacher explaining the situation telling me that it was ok for one day? 
I talked to the other mom that was there for the initial 'its ok'  conversation  and she told me not to take it personally,  that she's just that kind of person (even if she was told the situation she would still feel the need to chime in type of person) , and that there have been issues in the past with other foreign moms who didn't speak Japanese.
Anyhow  as I'm trying to write this Yosei is trying to kick me off the computer so he can watch videos of people opening snacks on Youtube.  He kept saying to me 'Yosei using! Yosei using!'  I told him I was blogging so he needed to wait and his response was 'Yosei  blogging!'  :)  Nothing like your babies to put a smile on your face after a rough day.

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