Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Countdown to Performance Day

It's nearly here!  Yosei's first big preschool performance day.  In just 2 days I get to see all the dancing he's been doing and the lines he's been saying over and over again all put together with music and costume and make up :)
It turns out that either his teacher told me wrong that first day or they changed his part but now in the play he's going to be a puppy instead of a kitty.  The story is 'The Giant Turnip' all about this little old famer and his wife that grew a turnip so big that can't pull it out all by themselves so they get all kinds of help from lots of animals and such to pull it out of the ground. 
I found out they'll also be doing a dance,  the boys and girls will be doing separate dances.  The girls will be dancing to the Sweet Pretty Cure theme song. Yosei and the other little boys will be dancing to the Gokaija theme song.  Pretty Cure is basically Sailor Moon for the little girls of now, Gokaija is the current 'Power Ranger'-esq  series.  The name of the ranger series changes every year. This year its the Gokaija, who are apparently pirates (naturally the boys will be wearing piratey costumes; which I know because I was asked to wash, iron and return it to school) ;)  The song can be heard here
Anyhow my mother in law is going to be coming to see the big performance too.  Kiyo,unfortunately has to work so unless some awesomemiracle happens he won't get to go with us :(   Luckily I get along pretty well with my mother in law.  She's going to help me make a bento to take to performance day.   It'll be a good learning experience for me since I have no idea how to do a big group type bento for family outings or anything.
I'm hoping Yosei pulls off the actual big day as well as I've heard he's been doing during practice at school. I'm so excited and nervous, can hardly wait for the big day!

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