Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puro Land

Today was our first preschool field trip, and we went to Sanrio Puro Land, possibly the cutest place on earth :)
Of course preparation began yesterday with none other than laundry!  Yosei's uniform was so muddy it needed and actual washing with the washing machine (I don't know how he managed that in a day).  The blazed had to be put into a delicates net; good thing too, turns out Yosei had filled his pockets with sand so when I pulled it out of the net sand was falling out all over the place (><)
Anyhow this morning began with a 30 min walk to the train station,  I wish they had chartered a bus like most schools do, but sadly not.  So Keia in the stroller and Yosei walking next to me (he's pretty used to that though it's how we got around up until a month ago when I put some new child seats on my mom-cycle.
Yosei was pretty excited though because he absolutely loves trains, we even got to ride the monorail :)
After about a two hour ride we finally made it.  They had us take a photo all together outside Puro Land.  I haven't gotten a copy yet,  I'm kind of wondering if we'll have to buy them or not :P
So anyhow we headed inside and first thing I was told is I need to check the stroller at the info desk and put any baggage I didn't want to carry around in a coin locker.  So I put all our coats and such in a locker,  but with a 1 year old the heavy clunky diaper bag is a necessary evil (-_-)
After stashing all our stuff we met up with Yosei's best friend, Haruki, and took a picture by this Sugarbunnies Christmas Tree thing  (see photo below)
Right after taking this photo is when probably my most favorite part of the day took place.  Two Korean girls (erly 20's ish) walked up and asked if they could take their pictures with Yosei right in front of the tree too.  I keep getting told my kids should be models.  Haha maybe I should have told them $5 a shot.
In any case after that was potty break and then lunch time.  Since it was a special preschool trip they had bento prepared for all of us.   
This was the children's bento.  Adorable right?  There was fried chicken, star shaped hashbrowns, a meatball, a mini hotdog with kello kitty printed on it, and some veggies (which of course Yosei didn't eat),  along with the rice with ground chicken and veggies you see here.  Oh and there were little mini jellos (we call them jellies here) for desert.
My bento was not that cute so I didn't bother,  but check out my adorable bottle of tea ^^  After lunch we wandered around the various attractions to see what they had on offer.  I was a little disappointed, seems that in Puro Land their main thing is musical shows, but really how long can you keep a couple of 3 year old boys and a one year old girl interested in Hello Kitty song and dance numbers.  They did have a boat ride that was like the Sanrio equivalent of 'It's a Small World' at Disneyland.  They thing I really wasn't a fan of though is after every single attraction they try to sell you ridiculously priced photos of your fun time.  Considering the price of admission it would be nice if one or two of these was a free gift :P
Also I'm kicking myself  as I walked off and forgot the camera, so all photos were taken on either my phone or on Haruki's mother's phone hence the not so awesome quality.  Enjoy the rest of my Puro land photo gallery!  Also all photos with Haruki are posted with permission ;)
 Haruki, Yosei, and Keia on a sofa in Hello Kitty's house
 Also inside Hello Kitty's house
 Hello Kitty has a ton of sofas in her house
 Keia having a blast in Kitty's bathtub; Yosei, standing next to her, is also having a blast. 
 Yosei pulling a weird face cuz I couldn't get him to sit still :P
 Photo with HK,  green screen because I'm too cheap/poor to buy the ¥1000 ($10) fancy one with a digital background

 Yosei and Haruki in the Kitty Mobile
And of course the Jewel Pets who came out to warmup the crowd in preparation for the big Hello Kitty Christmas Parade. This was the only (and last) show we acually hung out for before heading home.  Keia fell asleep and Yosei was so not into sitting and watching singing and dancing for 30 min ;)


  1. I am jealous!! Sanrio Puro Land, Hello Kitty Parade?! My nieces would be tickled pink and so excited to see that!! Japan is beautiful but way different than America. My husband was born in Japan, he's half Japanese and the culture and speaking and pretty much everything is so different. Japan is amazing though. Looking at your pictures reminds me of when I visited there. Great memories!!

    Found your blog on BloggyMoms and so happy that I did!!

  2. Thanks for reading :) If you ever get the chance to visit again make sure to make time for Puro Land, awesome place for lovers of cute ;)