Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day off

Today is a national holiday here, Labor Thanksgiving Day if the English in my planner is to believed, and so today was a day off from preschool. Unfortunately my husband, Kiyo, still had to work. 

Yosei was actually pretty upset when he found out we weren't going to school today.  He floppedhimself down on the floor and started whinging about how he wanted to see Chisato Sensei (his teacher) and eat his bento (boxed lunch).  It was pretty cute and I'm really glad he's taken to this whole school thing so well.

Anyhow I did make him a bento (a Kitty-chan bento!), a small one for Keia (she's only 1 so she doesn't eat so much) and a riceball for myself. (I'd rather go buy something tasty at the conbini but we're broke thanks to preschool fees :P)  I packed up our bento and thermoses of tea and we headed out on the bicycle to meet up with Yosei's friend Toa, whom we unfortunately haven't seen for a while since we've been so busy with preschool.  We spent the entire day at the park, had a picnic, let the kids play some more after lunch.  At 3 years old Yosei is pretty self sufficient when it comes to playing at the park; Keia, however was running me ragged standing behind her while she climbed up stairs, running back over to the slide to catch her at the bottom (she likes to go down on her tummy head first so catching is a must). 

All in all a pretty good day, especially considering most of my days are filled with errands and grocery shopping.  Definitely gonna have to have days like this more often :)  And now that both the kids are down for naps it's time to get the rice on and get dinner going.
  Not THE Kitty-chan bento but an example of a Kitty-chan bento I've made before (actually today's was much cuter, I should have taken a picture of it :P)

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